School of Foreign Languages



Director’s Message


Dear students,


In our contemporary world of information technologies and digitalisation, English has inevitably become the universal language used for international communication without which it is almost impossible to survive in the modern World. English Language Preparatory Schools play an essential role in this respect by providing the students with the requisite language skills required to function at the appropriate level of proficiency in their specialisms.


The language of instruction for the majority of programs at our university is English, ensuring that our Turkish graduates are equipped with a deep-rooted and a wider perspective in English  as well as offering  our international students  ample advantages of  educational opportunities to better their foreign language skills.

The common goal of the English Preparatory School, is to help students acquire and develop the skills they will need to effectively communicate in English during their studies and i​n their professional lives as well. The English Preparatory School is thus responsible for laying a foundation for a sound solid background in our students while utilizing an integrated approach to the design, planning, and implementation of English language instruction.

At Istanbul Arel University, we try to offer our students the most updated language teaching instruction that holds to the highest international standards, and our students acquire, in addition to the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed, self-confidence and the ability to foresee and shape changes in the world.To that end, our primary aim is to provide students with the requisite foundation skills and knowledge to excel in their  academic studies and help them develop their language awareness, knowledge and skills in English, We foster critical and creative thinking through the provision of high quality instruction and the promotion of independent study;.


In addition to our commitment to offer a high-caliber language education through our distinguished instructors and state-of-the-art instruction methods, we aspire to prepare our students as creative and innovative individuals who are well-prepared for both the academic and business world, who can reason, think critically, question, and take responsibility and accountability of their academic studies. To that end, we endeavor to provide our students with all the necessary support by working one-on-one with them and offer guidance to them based on their personal needs.


As English Preparatory School, our mission is for our students to graduate from the university as efficient and confident users of language who can communicate effectively in the global world in academia and in their social interaction.


Dr. Necmiye Karataş
Director, School of Foreign Languages