Faculty of Communication


Cinema and Television


  • (Defined as cognitive and/or practical skills.)
  • Analyzes, criticizes and reports the products developed in the field in the light of theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Undertakes the production and directing of a film (imaginary or documentary).
  • Operates radio-television institutions.
  • Writes various types of screenplays, makes films and prepares programs for cinema, television and radio.
  • Expresses his/her feelings and thoughts in written, verbal and visual terms at an advanced level while presenting a product in his/her field.
  • Uses the technical tools (such as camera, editing, sound, light systems) required by the work area, follows the technological changes in this direction and constantly improves themselves.
  • Organizes the knowledge in different disciplines (politics, economy, sociology, history, etc.) in a way that he/she can use it in his/her field of expertise.
  • Uses his/her knowledge and creativity while producing products in the field of cinema, television and radio.
  • Uses field-specific theories, art movements and aesthetics in his/her products.

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