Sociology is a scientific discipline that aims to analyse social cases in all their aspects and provide solutions offers for social problems. Today, Turkey is a country which has substantially become urbanized, industrialized, and influenceable by global dynamics.


The developing industries in Turkey have increased requirements such as identification of consumption patterns, measurement of social expectations, improvement of relationship between employees; and these circumstances have made sociology a functional scientific discipline that becomes increasingly needed.


The Goals of the Department

· To meet the increasing need for sociologists in big cities, especially in Istanbul,

· To train students who can approach social issues with scientific knowledge, have developed problem-solving skills, high intellectual background, the ability to conduct research, and work in coordination with other sciences and disciplines, especially psychology.


In Istanbul Arel University ‘Society Studies Center’, the students have the opportunity to practically apply the theoretical knowledge they learn.


The undergraduate program has a two-stage course schedule.


The first stage of courses includes topics such as basic issues and concepts of sociology, sociological reasoning skills, different theoretical perspectives, basic knowledge that enables interrelation with other social sciences, doing research by using quantitative and qualitative methods.


The second stage includes more comprehensive and detailed studies in the students’ fields of interest. By choosing among rich and diverse elective courses, students specialize in particular subfields of sociology.


The Department of Sociology also offers its students the opportunity to obtain certificates and diplomas from other departments related to minor and double major programs. The target of Istanbul Arel University Department of Sociology is to graduate its students as “sociologists” who are academically and intellectually well-equipped, and have qualified professional knowledge and skills.


Job Opportunities

Students who have graduated from the Department of Sociology are sought after for their knowledge and opinions in various fields such as industrial production, consumption habits, media, family, gender, identity, ethnicity, crime, urbanization, politics and religion.


Graduates find job opportunities with the title of “Sociologist” in various industrial organizations, foundations, associations, non-governmental organizations, research companies, press and media organizations, advertising and educational institutions.

About the Department