Translation and Interpreting



Today, with the developing technology and globalization, societies, international real or legal persons need to communicate with each other more. The need for translation, which is an intercultural communication tool and makes it possible to transmit information from one language to another through various channels, is becoming more and more felt today. In the globalizing world, the importance of translation activity and the translation profession in society and business life is increasing rapidly.


The Goals of the Department

To train professional translators and interpreters who

· understands the importance of translation in intercultural communication,

· becomes conscious of the ethical principles and values of the translation profession,

· has advanced knowledge of Turkish and English language,

· can use translation technologies,

· has technical competence, knowledge and research skills in translation,

· has theoretical and methodological knowledge to conduct scientific research on translation,

· has competence in translating texts from at least one foreign language other than English,

· can make written and oral translations from Turkish – English, English – Turkish, audio and visual sources in the fields of social sciences, political science, international relations, economy, law, literature and history.


In the Translation and Interpreting Undergraduate Program, there are courses on the practice and theory of written and oral translation, text analysis, technical writing, translation theory, translation technologies, linguistics, proofreading, literary translation, media translation, law and translation of European Union texts.


The students of the Translation and Interpreting Department are provided with the opportunity to pursue a Double Major or Minor in the Department of International Relations (English).


Job Opportunities

Translator is the one who translates a written text into another language while interpreter is the one who translates what is spoken in one language into another language either during or after speaking. Graduates of this department are given the title of “Translator – Interpreter”. Graduates with this title can work as translators, editors, language/cultural consultants, in the language services and translation sector, in various government or private institutions, especially in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of European Union Affairs.

About the Department