Turkish Language and Literature Program



Turkish Language and Literature Master’s Program with thesis is a science that has been formed for the purpose of examining Turkish language and literature from the past to the present, together with all its features and elements. Science is refers to the whole of human activity carried out in line with the aim of obtaining the knowledge of everything precisely, accurately and objectively and includes a great diversity by its nature.


In fact, general linguistics and literary sciences were formed after the development of these sciences. Because it is not possible to talk about language and literature in general without examining language and literature in particular. Language as a concept, however, can be embodied as a spoken and written language. Otherwise, we can’t talk about language.


Literature, on the other hand, is always the literature of a language. There is a natural and necessary relationship between language and literature.The Turkish language is not just any language; not only is it among the oldest languages ​​in the world, it is also one of the most common languages ​​in the world. It is also the language of a great civilization. Accordingly, Turkish literature is a great literature that has a long history and includes many writers and literary works that are important not only for the Turkish nation but also for all humanity.


Turkish Language and Literature Science and Turkish Language and Literature Master’s Program in which this science is represented  aim to provide graduate education to the students in the fields of New Turkish Literature, Old Turkish Literature, Old Turkish Language, New Turkish Language and Folk Literature, and in this direction, it is aimed to gain participatory productive academic discipline.


At the same time, besides academic information from the undergraduate period such as scientific research techniques, literary theory, Turkish Language and Literature studies, examination of many Turkish works written in different alphabets from history to the present, courses that will enable the student to approach Turkish culture and literature from a wider perspective are provided by the instructors who are experts in the field. With the courses given, it is aimed to provide the student with the ability to produce and use information.