Turkish Language and Literature



Social sciences, in general, are related to the world of human meaning, and therefore the elements related to this world are divided into various branches. Language and literature have central importance among these branches.


Turkish Language and Literature is a discipline formed for the purpose of studying Turkish language and literature with all of its characteristics and components, from past to present. This discipline is represented and educated in the Turkish Language and Literature Departments of universities which are educational establishments where sciences are present as a whole.


Turkish Language and Literature Department has distinctive importance among other language and literature departments. This importance firstly arises from the characteristic of the Turkish language and Turkish literature. Turkish language is not a simple language; it’s among the oldest languages of the world and, is also one of the most common languages in the world. It is also the language of a great civilization. Accordingly, Turkish literature is a great literature with a long history, in which there are many writers and literary works that are important not only for the Turkish nation, but also for all mankind.


Therefore, there are Departments of Turkish Language and Literature not only in Turkey, but also in many universities in various countries. It is also worth noting that the Turkish language and literature is a science that has a special significance for us as a Turkish nation in terms of acquiring our own language and literature as a subject.


The Turkish Language and Literature department is divided into two departments: Turkish Language and Turkish Literature. There are also sub-branches of these departments. The department of Turkish language includes two departments; Old Turkish Language and New Turkish Language; and the Department of Turkish Literature includes three departments: Old Turkish Literature, New Turkish Literature and Folk Literature. In all these departments, the knowledge that has been reached so far; within the department; during the language education, Turkey Turkish, Ottoman Turkish, Introduction to Old Turkish Literature, Tanzimat Period Literature ,etc. various main courses and elective courses are transferred to the student indirectly.


The aim is to teach the Turkish language and literature at a specialized level, along with its history, structure and all important works. In order for this to be possible, students are taught the alphabets used by Turks throughout history; Göktürk, Uyghur and the old Turkish alphabet; the texts written in these alphabets are read in their original form. Graduates of the Department of Turkish Language and Literature are thus eligible to receive the title of science specialist, and this title is also indicated in the undergraduate diploma given to students after they have successfully completed their studies.


The graduates of Turkish Language and Literature Department can work in many fields by virtue of their specialization. They can work as Turkish teachers and Literature teachers in the schools of the Ministry of Education and in private courses; as well as they can work in the fields where Turkish Language and Literature expertise is required, such as media, press, visual media, archive and librarianship.


In the Department of Turkish Language and Literature, the science of art is mentioned; it is not the art itself. The purpose of the department is to train specialists or scientists, not artists. But it is also a fact that the study of Turkish Language and Literature makes an important contribution to the achievement of the goals of people who want to become artists, poets or novelists. The fact that many of our important writers, such as Reşat Nuri Güntekin, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, and Mustafa Kutlu, graduated from the Department of Turkish Language and literature is not a coincidence, but an indication of this fact.


Our department aims to operate in line with the scope and purpose described above, with its educational staff, whose formation process is ongoing and will be completed in the near future; It is committed to making every effort necessary for students to have a qualified and distinguished education in the field of Turkish Language and Literature with great determination.

About the Department