Vice-Head of Department


  1. The instructor responsible for the Program is selected as the “Vice-Head” by the Head of the Department and is responsible for the execution of the program. Vice-Heads of Department can be more than one according to the characteristics of the department.
  2. To Advice students on the educational process.
  3. To participate in the work of programs such as Bologna, Erasmus, Farabi, etc.
  4. To ensure the implementation of the planned activities in the program and to notify the Head of Department.
  5. To carry out the course registration process of the students.
  6. To provide consultancy on the procedures required by the student (syllabus, transcript, lateral and vertical transfer, taking courses, dropping courses, credit calculation, disciplinary regulations, etc.).
  7. To check the daily attendance of the program courses and the regular entry into the student information system.
  8. To check the exam schedules (courses, supervisor numbers and exam halls).
  9. To direct students who need psychological and guidance support in the department to the PDR (Guidance and psychological counseling) center and ensuring the monitoring of the education-training and skills of these students and informing Head of the Department.
  10. To follow up and approve all kinds of internship works of the program students within the internship commission.
  11. To follow up the graduation processes of the program students and to confirm their graduation.
  12. To perform other tasks that will be assigned by Head of the Department.
  13. Vice-Head of Department is responsible to Head of the Department for the performance of duties and the use of powers.