Vocational School




Nowadays, when competition is intense, the needs of companies for a qualified labor force that can follow the rapid and intensive technological developments are increasing considerably.


İstanbul Arel University Vocational School provides qualified labor force to the sector with many programs in Health, Technical and Social fields. These programs consist of 41 programs gathered under 26 departments as 1st and 2nd education.


The most powerful aspect of our Vocational School is its academic staff, whose industry experience is quite strong. Thanks to our academic staff, our students graduate as individuals who know the basic concepts and principles required by the profession, can adapt to changing conditions, create solutions, are open to teamwork, are entrepreneurial, cultured, have ethical values, and can easily find a job in their fields or set up their own businesses.


In addition, practical training, internship and optional English Preparatory education are other strengths of our Vocational School.


In order for our student to receive practical training, our workshops and laboratories are organized according to the conditions of the day. Our students take a compulsory Internship course before they graduate, and internship opportunities are provided by the Career Planning, Application and Research Centre of our university.


Our Vocational School has also adopted the principle of improving the foreign language knowledge of our students. For this purpose, optional English Preparatory Education and vocational foreign language courses are included. In addition, the intra-university transfers of our students who want to complete their undergraduate education related to their fields are also supported.


Looking forward to seeing you,

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Prof. Dr. Bahtışen Kavak
Acting Director