According to the definition made by the Turkish Nurses Association Education Commission; “Nursing is a health discipline consisting of science and art responsible for planning, organizing, implementing, evaluating nursing services aimed at protecting, developing and improving the health and well-being of the individual, family and society in case of illness”.


Istanbul Arel University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Nursing Department aims to train nurses who provide high-quality, skilled, and individual-specific, evidence-based nursing care, are adequate and competent, maintain the existence of the nursing profession, are the owner of autonomy, analytical, critical thinker, and who will contribute for the development of the nursing profession in the clinical and academic field.


Our department, which aims to train qualified world-class manpower as well as train nurses who rely on the power of knowledge to meet the needs of individuals, families and society, has adopted a training model that complements each other with theoretical knowledge and clinical experience based on practice.


We transfer the education given with clinical laboratories, computer laboratory, nursing skills laboratories, simulation laboratory and equipment, which support the philosophy, vision, mission and nursing education values, equipped with modern technology, where each student can transfer their theoretical education into practice.


In addition, there are electronic publication subscriptions where current scientific publications are followed.It is aimed to train future nurses in the theoretical and practical field with a curriculum structure specific to the nursing profession, education that allows you to do a minor, double major, appropriate classes for education, library, clinical practice areas in institutions and organizations affiliated to the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Health.


In addition, there is Bahçelievler Memorial Hospital where we cooperate with Istanbul Arel University Faculty of Health Sciences where our nursing department students can do their clinical practice training. Bahçelievler Memorial Hospital offers an environment that facilitates the clinical practice of students with their physical conditions, equipment and health workers. The university has an educational approach based on hospital cooperation with health departments.


Istanbul Arel University School of Health Sciences Nursing Department started its education activities in Kemal Gözükara Campus in 2009 and moved to Cevizlibağ Campus in 2019. As of 2021, it continues its activities as Istanbul Arel University Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing Department.

About the Department