The initiation of initiatives among the faculties, colleges, research centers and institutes of Istanbul Arel University and the fact that the administrative units work together and harmoniously in line with the goals determined in the strategic plans of the University become even more important in today’s higher education conditions. The planning team strives to encourage progress in these areas and works with colleagues across the University to lead Arel’s quest for greater excellence.


The Strategic Management and Planning Directorate supports the Board of Trustees in cooperation with the University Administration to plan and conduct meetings that improve the process of discussing and deciding on important priorities and result in strong university governance. Coordinates the creation, synthesis and distribution of various reports for senior university executives and the Board of Trustees. These reports are produced to identify and guide the decision-making phase in strategic planning processes.


The aim of the planning team is to maintain institutional development throughout Istanbul Arel University; to create a framework for the coordination of faculty/college/institute, units and interdepartmental strategic initiatives; to guide and inform decision-making processes at various levels of the institution.


The planning team plays a serious role in ensuring the planning, coordination and implementation of initiatives that significantly pave the way for the transformation of Istanbul Arel University.