Strategic Planning Support for All Units



Most units plan through day-to-day decisions on how to allocate resources, time, effort, and so on, even if there is no formal plan. The purpose of strategic planning is to give units the opportunity to reflect and renew themselves, to develop and capitalize new ideas, and to determine a route to move forward.


A strategic planning process allows units to make clear decisions and actions that reflect their priorities, to position themselves proactively and competitively willingly, and to use unit resources more effectively to achieve their goals proactively rather than reactive. A strong strategic plan connects, unifies, and integrates at all levels by gathering input to set priorities, engaging with participants and stakeholders, and aligning unit goals with faculty/college and University priorities.


A written plan is the result of the planning process and is used externally not only to guide the unit internally, but also to inform its participants and stakeholders about its goals and future directions.